"Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy and dividing our grief." - Addison

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apologies Schmologies...

I AM SORRY I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG!!!!! Please forgive me. I have had so much been going on that I haven't been so good about keeping up on this here blog that I have.

Things I will need to recap on:
- Decisions with Job, Current situation, Body...etc
- Moving to California
- 2 seperate Job offers... what to do...
- Possible move again to Las Vegas
- My Relationship with my love :)
- Wedding FUN for friends and family...

We have MUCHO mucho to discuss!!!! I will be back... later tonight or tomorrow. Peace!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9 of the 365 Day Challenge.... Big Girl You are Beautiful!!

I saw this girl tonight at Sammy's Karaoke. I also saw her last week as well. Turns out Chazzkah is a regular when it comes to Karaoke at Sammy's. And I believe that she has every reason to be. It isn't necessarily her voice that brings the crowd, it is the fact that she mentioned to me in a frantic panic type of excitement, "I even have an outfit change for the 3rd song!" Her enthusiasm for Karaoke is unmatched with any that I have ever seen. I guess that isn't saying too much given that I am not a Karaoke expertise, however, her ability to entertain was fantastic.

When I first saw her last week, well actually, it began when I first heard her singing last week. I was in one room of Sammy's and she began to sing "Big girls (you are beautiful)" by MIKA. I really enjoy that song and I don't feel that too many people know that song and are aware of the amazing lyrics and so it took me by surprise to even hear it being sung by someone. Anywho, I heard her singing it and to my surprise she blew it out of the water!!! She did such a great job not only singing it, but belting it and rocking as a woman should!! She was not ashamed but embraced all that she was and all that this song was. My natural instinct was to be proud of her for respecting herself and demanding respect from every person in that room. Immediately I fell in love with her. So when I saw her tonight, I knew that I needed to post a video of her singing. Remember, it isn't necessarily the voice. It's the ambiance!!! It's her sassy attitude, it's her make-up, costume, and style that just brings it!

* Disclaimer: This video doesn't even cut it. She was so much better than this video can portray! Sorry it doesn't do her justice!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 8 of the 365 Day Challenge...Bumps and Bruises...

So I think that the idea of this photo was better than what it turned out to be. So I apologize if it startles you a little more than the usual.

Today I was considerably aware of how many times I hit my knees on pretty much everything! You see, a few months ago it was brought to my attention that I have daggers for knees. Or knives as they have been referred to as. They bang on things and jab John in the ribs. They are seriously daggers and I am just realizing what my best weapon is!! So WATCH OUT!!!!

(also, there is like 6 bruises on my knees and a little scab. I took this picture to show the battle proof)

Don't mess with me or I will dag you with my knees!

One more thing....

So remember how I mentioned that John and I have been watching Grey's Anatomy like it was going out of style?? Well, we watched the last two episodes of Season 6 last night. We are about to begin Season 7 (which is the season that Grey's Anatomy is currently on) which means, we will soon be caught up with reality. This has to be some of the saddest news of my life. And the reason that I don't want to be caught up is because then what would happen is I would actually have to begin watching commercials. I hate commercials.

Anyway, also.. the last two episodes of Season 6 are the most intense episodes EVER! John and I both agreed that it made watching the other 5 Seasons totally worth it! I know we are crazy. At one point during the intense episodes I looked at John and totally girled on him by saying that I was happy that we were sharing these moments together and he was so into it that he couldn't even comment back to me other than to say "keep watching!" really, really, really fast! I definitely had myself a good laugh. We are serious about Grey's. Serious.

K well- go watch Grey's now. I know you want to. :)

Day 7 of the 365 Day Challenge...

So this is the interesting thing I mentioned that I had experienced that I am not sure I may ever experience again in my life. If you look at it, you may see a cookie. Don't worry, that is what I see too.

But if you look closer... you see CANDIED BACON!!!!!!! Yep, that is right. That is a cookie made with chocolate chips and candied bacon. My boss brought it into work and gave one to me. I was so fascinated with it. You could actually taste the bacon. It was actually really good. It scared me while I was eating it, and I was completely surprised at how much of the bacon I could taste but how sweet and good it was. You should totally try it someday and tell me how you like it.

.... and Whitney, I challenge you to make these and tell me what you think. k? deal? Great. Glad you agreed. :)

Day 6 of the 365 Day Challenge...

So on Sunday (my day 6 of the challenge), John and I were invited to go eat dinner over at my cousins Heather and James' house. She was so great to invite us, especially since she made all the food. And it was extremely delicious. :) So thanks Heather, if you are reading this, we loved eating your food :).

While we were at dinner, my soon-to-be SIL Jordyn was there and she brought me these little mustardy yellow beauties for me to have to potentially wear to her wedding. I am excited to be a bridesmaid! Aren't they so fun!

We also finished cutting, gluing and putting together her really adorable bridal party/ family invites to dress in the colors and be a part of their wedding day. It was so fun!

Day 5 of the 365 Day Challenge...

So on Saturday (day 5 of both march and of my challenge) I decided to work out. It was ridiculous because as it turns out, I am actually out of shape. Surprissssssseeeee!!!! Well, at least surprise to me. I guess if I were to be diagnosed by a doctor of sorts, he would give me "denial" as my disease. I think I was/ am in denial about how out of shape I am. I have usually kept a fair amount of workouts up my sleeve during the week, but since I moved here I do not have a gym pass and it is snowing and white all the time and so I feel I am a little limited on my ability to get some sort of cardio in my days. However, I decided I was going to do something more like pilates and yoga combined to work out this body I have. So I did. And it was painful.

The second thing that I did on saturday was photoshopped some pictures for my brother chad's and his beautiful fiance Jordyn's wedding announcements. It was fun to go take pictures of them, however, Chad STRUGGLED to open his eyes. Just look at his eyes in some of the pictures. Struggled, I say. So, if anyone has any good suggestions of how to fix this dilemma that I have, I would love your input. :)

Over all it was a really fun day and I really enjoyed my work out. I could barley get up Sunday morning. It was definitely a chore to get my body moving and out of bed. :)